Follow You Curriculum

Follow You Curriculum

Following on from the huge success of our first Hillsong Kids BIG Curriculum Tell The World, we would like to present Hillsong Kids BIG ‘Follow You’, a 13 week learning experience that will take you and your children on a journey to be Devoted to Jesus…Devoted to Prayer, Devoted to His Word and Devoted to His House. Building on from the foundations set by ‘Tell The World’ your children will learn just what it means to be a life-long follower of Jesus Christ.

This large group/small group children's ministry curriculum, designed specifically for primary aged children from 5 to 12 years was developed by the Children's Ministry Team at Hillsong Church. It has been used around the world at Hillsong Churches in Sydney, Brisbane, Capetown & London and thousands of Churches just like yours. With BIG you will find an incredibly flexible and customisable curriculum tested with children all over the world.

What is included?

- 13 Teaching Video Clips and Quiz Review Clips
- 3 High Retention Bible Memory Verse Video Segments
- Accompaniment Track Videos with Full Stereo and Split Track Files for Each Video
- Pre-Service Countdown Video
- Ministry and Game Time Video
- Print Material DVD-ROM including all Print Material for the 13 Lesson Curriculum
- Reproducible Leader Guides for Each Lesson
- Reproducible Small Group Studies (1 per lesson for younger children, 1 per lesson for older children, 1 per lesson for preteens)
- Graphic Design & Logos

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Follow You Curriculum