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  • Never Walk Alone EP

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    New EP from Hillsong Kids - Never Walk Alone.

    01 Thank You God (A Child’s Prayer)
    02 Never Walk Alone
    03 Alive
    04 Every Little Thing
    05 The Stand
    06 Wake

  • Children Of The Bible

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    There are lots of things that you might be too young for, but you’re never too young to hear from God, serve God and make a big difference for God. There are many stories of children in the Bible who God used to do amazing things. God doesn’t just use adults to do His work, from kings to serva...

  • Kingdom People

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    The Bible tells us about some amazing people who built God’s Kingdom and took the message of Jesus to the world. We read about these people, their adventures, challenges and miracles in the New Testament from the book of Acts through to Revelation, people such as Barnabas, Lydia, Priscilla and...

  • Daniel - Standing Firm

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    We discover the story of Daniel in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. Daniel stood firm in his faith even when it could cost him his life. He was even thrown into a den of lions but God protected him. Daniel obeyed God, didn’t give up and heard from God. Learn all about standing firm fro...