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Watch this video and more on BiG+ Subscription

Beatitudes - Sermon On The Mount

Worship | All Ministry Groups | I Give You My Hallelujah

3m 24s

Up Next in Week 1 | 1-3 Years Old | You Are Blessed When You Rely On God

  • Service Element | All Ministry Groups...

    Play the Ministry Time video to help create a calm and soothing atmosphere during upfront prayer & ministry, KDG small group or calm play time. This video can be looped for extended periods of time.

  • 1-3 Years Old | BiG Message | Lesson ...

    BiG Message Media is one video with all the teaching to illustrate the lesson through engaging and fun segments. It includes fun theme song, engaging narrative, hilarious skits and artist’s creation of the bible story. It is the perfect way to introduce and set up the Live preaching video or prea...

  • 1-3 Years Old | Beatitudes Theme Screen

    A one minute video loop with the Big Picture for each three lesson series. There is no audio on this video so is perfect to play on screens during preaching, parent pick up, free play or any time you have no other videos playing but want to reinforce what the theme of the lesson is.